Voter List PDF Download – চূড়ান্ত ভোটার তালিকা ২০২৪ ডাউনলোড বাংলাদেশ pdf

The Bangladesh Election Commission (EC) has officially released the final voter list of the 12th National Parliament Election. There are 119,689,289 voters across the country, of which 60,769,741 are male and 58,918,699 are female. Since 7 January 2024 national parliament election, voter list will be required for everyone to vote in this election, so today’s article can easily download voter list pdf. Any excited about how you can download 64 district voter list for free will be able to get it online in no time. Also you can bring ward from your upazila union parishad and your own voter list with picture/photo. EC authority has sent voter list to all districts, upazilas, union parishads and polling stations, you can get it from wherever you want.

Here only online method many people are interested to get voter list pdf of Bangladesh at home, that’s why we have introduced one of the ways to get voter list of 64 districts very nicely. Just follow your voter list pdf 2024 download for free. Voter list of different people of different districts can get the image with PDF by visiting the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission as Govt. The rules for extracting voter list from online are the same, specially the important rules are given here, extract it from online with interest.

Basically voter list is required for voting, millions of people will vote for special candidates in the (Sunday) 7th January 2024 national parliament election, that’s why various visitors are looking for voter list online. As our website deals with various important update notices and other matters, voter list is available on our website. The smart card and voter list available online can be extracted from the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission, and the rules that need to be known to get it are already given on our website, just follow and collect from online.

Only 18-year-olds can use the smart card and voter list, generally no one can vote unless they are 18-years-old. All these issues and other benefits of citizens are controlled by Bangladesh Election Commission. Their website is being opened online which any person can visit to know latest news about voter list and smart card. For those who have registered online for voter ID card, check if your name appears in the new voter list. If your name appears in the new voter list, then you can vote in the National Assembly elections. In the new update, the Election Commission of Bangladesh has introduced an easy voting system for the voter by quickly controlling the activities and rules and maintaining the policy.

How To Download Voter List 2024?

  • First google your union name or visit website.
  • Directly go to the website of the Union Parishad from the search results or select the division, district, upazila, union parishad from the national information portal and select the union parishad and go to the website.
  • Click on Final Voter List 2024 by placing pointer on different list from above menu.
  • Clicking on the desired list from the list will download it.
  • Where name, parent’s name, address, voter number, voter serial number etc. all information will be given along with village.


Original, if you are eligible to vote then you will get your list in voter list, otherwise you will not get voter list pdf anywhere online or offline. Check your voter list now from the official website and know it to your advantage. According to the information, those who have already reached 18 years of age and have not yet received a smart card can vote in this parliamentary election. We have already checked various PDFs and received their voter list. However, the main point here is how to extract voter list online so we will not divert the topic, download voter pdf from Quickly Online.

With the announcement (EC) Bangladesh Election: Final Voter List has been published for this reason it is available online quickly. All the rules have already been given above. All citizens of Bangladesh can collect voter list under the same rules. Moreover, you can get your voter list 2024 by other means as mentioned in the rules. Bangladesh Election Commission has published the voter list with new update in 2024. Voter list with pictures will be available. Voter list given here is voter list of national elections, you can follow more and other news portals to get unique info. The report which is attempted here is already available, in case you face any difficulty in downloading the voter list pdf, you can take the help of the official website of EC.

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