E ticket railway gov bd Registration

Railways has started E-ticket registration process from 10, January 2024. All passengers will be able to register online. The Government of Democratic Bangladesh is doing this registration work by Railways. Good news for the aspiring candidates online. Bangladesh Railway Authority is very easy to register through their website, you can find out how to register with this article. First of all it has been said that the people who will register must be citizens of Bangladesh otherwise it is not suitable for them. It is possible to register completely free of cost.

If you want to register Bangladesh Railway e-ticket, you need to know all these. You can easily login by entering the official website https://eticket.railway.gov.bd/ and submitting with mobile number, email address, National ID card number and other information. Honorable passengers will be able to complete the e-ticket if they can register.

Bangladesh Train E-Ticketing Registration eticket.railway.gov.bd

Do you want to register Bangladesh Railway e-ticket? Then you can easily find through our website, for your convenience the registration link has been given on the website. Millions of people who are constantly visiting online to register online can complete it by https://eticket.railway.gov.bd/register. The system was launched on 10, January 2024. Railway e-ticket officials have called for registration within the stipulated time. People have to reach far and wide to find more ways to get railway tickets in Bangladesh for daily necessities, travel or other medical matters. Considering many issues, the railway authorities have launched online e-ticket registration system.

Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket

To buy tickets of Bangladesh Railway online, you can finally book the tickets in advance by following the conditions given by Shohoz. During this Eid, railway tickets are very important and well-managed railway Bangladesh reaches all parts of the country.

Authorities have set up an online train ticketing system that allows passengers to travel from one end of the country to the other in case of an emergency. All the information related to the whole passenger point Bangladesh Rail ticket has been provided on our website. However, if you read this article, you will understand better.

Online rail ticket booking system has been started since last month. Now people are not interested in standing in line so they are trying to book tickets through internet. So for the convenience of all the passengers, we have given the link of the official website to register here. You can book tickets knowing the rules and regulations.

www.eticket.railway.gov.bd Ticket Bangladesh

Earlier, the ticketing system was launched through the official website of the railways but it has called for a new e-ticket registration and millions of people have expressed satisfaction over this. If you can successfully complete all the rules given here, you will be able to complete the registration because the railway e-ticketing system is easy to operate. One of the fastest ways to get to your destination is by train, which is why people are always interested in the railways. It is learned that Railway e-ticket registration has already been completed online by 135,000 people who have applied through the website and will be able to register the right way without any hassle. Make sure to travel by train in a moment because e-ticketing is a huge offer. Don’t miss it. Registration is very important.

At first click on this link: https://eticket.railway.gov.bd/register/en

Click on login then enter your username and password from the login to your account.

Select Purchase.

Enter from and to the station, Date, Train Class, Number of seats both adult and child.

Click on search, then you can see your providing date and routine train list with an available seat.

Select a train and book your seat manually or automatically.



The railways are working to bring every person to his destination in all parts of the country. It is controlled by the government of Bangladesh. There are railway stations all over Bangladesh. Make sure to register the railway ticket from all the areas under your convenience. Once you have registered, you don’t have to do it again, so people are looking online, here is their own website. Complete it successfully.

In the past, people used to stand in line to buy train tickets. Now the system has changed. Ensure the route through online e-ticket registration. No need to stand in line. In order to apply online according to the correct rules, first you have to know the rules and then you have to apply it. This is the complete process of explaining to you through this article.

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Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing Service

Railway e-ticket registration 2024 is going to be done in a simpler way in the current digital system as compared to the previous days. The whole passenger point is that those of you who want to buy a ticket, register online now. This is a simple arrangement and will benefit everyone. We travel to different places in different working countries. Railways In most cases we have to use the opportunity to register officially to ensure the journey.

Now people don’t want to stand in line to buy train tickets or in many cases not all people get tickets due to crowds so Bangladesh Railway has realized e-ticketing system so that millions of people can register. This post has been published for the candidates of Railway Ticket Registration in Bangladesh.

The lowest fare, you can travel long distances by train and you don’t have to stand in line to buy a ticket.

Online Train Ticket Bangladesh Railway

According to railway sources, about 1 lakh people travel by train every day. There are no railway stations in all parts of Bangladesh but there are main points. You can register railway e-ticket from any district of the country. During Eid, people look for a train to return to their home and look for tickets in different ways but it is not possible. On January, the authorities realized the e-ticket registration system.

Respected train passengers can travel to all places except Dhaka, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Chittagong, Barisal, Mymensingh, Ishwardi and Kamalapur railway stations. E-ticket registration.

Kamalapur and Ishwardi are the two main railway stations in Bangladesh. Millions of people travel from here and get out during Eid. Besides, there are railway stations in different parts of the country where you can book and register through e-tickets.

In the Middle Eastern countries, it has not been possible to introduce railway station system in all the districts of the country. It will be easy soon. You can confirm the railway ticket through e-ticket registration from anywhere in the country. It is an equal opportunity right for the people of 64 districts.

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