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Online train ticket Bangladesh Railway has given advance ticket booking for passengers. With Eid ahead, Bangladesh Railway has launched online train tickets. Passengers who do not want to stand in line can book through registration. Online train ticketing system has given a huge opportunity to those who have not yet received the train ticket to book online.

Now it is very easy to Purchase train tickets: People are standing in line for Bangladesh Railway tickets and even news is being heard that tickets are being collected after 36 hours. Shohoz is offering online train tickets for passengers. To get this opportunity, passengers have to register online from the official website of Bangladesh Railway.

Of course you can book train tickets by registering online and know the detailed route time table. You can know the time of purchase of train ticket through registration, the information about it has been realized here, if you read it well, you will understand.

Bangladesh Railways is offering online train tickets because Eid people are busy returning home and looking for different ways to get tickets, so they confirm the journey in a short time. If you want to get train tickets in advance then you need to register then book tickets online.

So, in order to avail all these opportunities, you must know the rules and regulations of booking train tickets online. It is hoped that passengers will benefit from this article. People have to travel from one end of the country to the other in their daily work.

Millions of people are getting the opportunity to travel from one end of the country to the other to make Bangladesh Railway online train ticket system. During Eid, people are busy returning home, even if they are busy with various activities, they go to Eid family. However, if you want to properly book online train tickets, then this article is useful because you can understand the link of the website to register here.

How to Buy Train Ticket Online in Bangladesh

Step 1:  Go to Website:

Step 2: Online train ticket bd registration :

  • As we know shohoz don’t have access to your older cnsbd account ,so you have to create a account for new railway ticket management system .
  • In the left corner click on Click on “Register” Button

Step 3: Complete the registration process:

  • Then complete the registration process by verifying your mobile number through a verification code.
  • Then log in with your mobile number or email address and password.

Step 4: OTP in

  • Click on “Update your profile” by adding other information including date of birth and national identity card number or birth certificate number on that page.
  • And through this, all the information of the passenger will be saved.

Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket

Passengers have already seen above how to register for online train tickets and book train tickets online. Moreover, other people have learned about Bangladesh Railway and train tickets can be bought online in a short time by Shohoz. Bangladesh Railway always arranges train tickets for the manpower. They sincerely regret that they cannot give them to everyone during Eid.

Compared to other years as usual, train tickets are available this year. Passengers who want to book in advance can collect online without having to stand in line. Railway e-ticketing system has been introduced since last month in case people are not willing to stand in line for advance tickets.

(January 2024) E-tickets are Available Online Train Tickets

The country is moving forward digitally and with the increase in Bangladesh Railway train tickets all passengers are able to get very easily. However, now people are looking for different websites to book train tickets online during Eid. We have brought you to the right place. Of course, knowing all the information, you can be successful.

Bangladesh Railway has introduced a new system of rail ticket system through Shohoz for which there is no need to stand in line. Even then, it is often seen that online train tickets cannot be issued. The authorities have assured this year that everyone will be able to get tickets during Eid.

There are railway stations in different parts of the country where train lines are constantly running to cut tickets. Kamalapur railway station is the most popular in Bangladesh. Every day we see millions of people out there through different channels. This time during Eid, it has been seen that those who have not yet tried it online will definitely be able to get it.

Conclusion Speech

Dear passengers, you can easily book Bangladesh Railway train tickets through our website. All the processing is nicely done because most of the people searching for tickets online hopefully all this relationship information is realized here. Book train tickets online with all the information now. Good luck to you.

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