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Great news for everyone, very easy to check sassa status online if you are an applicant then you are at right place on our website this article discusses about it. People in South Africa are poverty stricken and cannot find work and earn a living. The South African government provides a grant of r350 for up to 6 months to those who are currently unemployed and have no source of income, social grants or UIF payments etc. Those who applied for the grant have not checked yet, please check it quickly. First of all, to check Sassa status online, you need to know the rules, so this post is important for you.

Social Relief Grants (SRD Grants) are administered in accordance with Section 32 of the Social Assistance Act, Act No. 13 of 2004 and are implemented with the consent of the Minister of Finance. The Social Relief in Disaster Grant (SRD Grant) is meant for South African citizens, refugees, asylum seekers and special permit holders. However, Sassa status is being checked through the official website, if you are interested then visit the official website of the authorities and understand now. Official website link to check sassa status is provided on our website for the benefit of South African relief eligible people, hope everyone can benefit.

Sassa Status Check

This system is only introduced by the South African government for the people of their country. Only those who are suitable for relief are selected by the authorities through scrutiny. The South African government allows you to check your Sassa status to see if you are eligible for relief. Most people don’t know how to check online, so this post will help you. It is presented very nicely here, you can safely check Sassa status. Moreover, to know about it, you can look at various websites on Google right now. We hope that all the information we have presented here will not require you to visit any other website.

Sassa SRD R350 Status Check

SRD R350 grant status can be checked online here We have officially received this news and presented it here. All that is required to check SASSA status is your South African identity number and the cellphone number you used to apply. Authority takes 30-90 days to evaluate SASSA social grant results, if the person is eligible the results are available on their website, can be checked manually and online. Those who have not yet applied online for social grant cannot check only those who applied will get the result. However, only the authorities know who is eligible, our main topic is to check SASSA status online, see below.

How To Check Your Status Online

  • To check your Sassa status you need to visit the SRD website that is
  • Now under the application status tab click on the Check Status.
  • Now you will redirect to the Sassa Status Page.
  • Now enter your ID Number and Phone number.
  • Next click on the Submit Button.
  • Once you click on Submit your application status will be displayed.

Srd Sassa Gov Za Status Check

With only National Identity Card and Mobile Number, social grant result can be easily known through official website. All policies relating to grants are controlled and distributed fairly by the South African Government. The majority of people in Africa are underemployed, the authorities have provided social grants for them, but not all people will receive them. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance has already given instructions to know about the process of all these matters, you can contact the authorities manually. By introducing this grant system, the government has gained a lot of attention from the people. It is known from the special sources of the concerned that more people will get social grants in 2023. Trust them, you can definitely get grants.

Check SASSA R350 Application Status

  • Visit the SASSA website 
  • Scroll down to the section Application status
  • Click on the yellow bar beneath, which reads, “click here to check online”.
  • Now provide your ID number and mobile in the spaces provided
  • Click on “submit”.
  • The status of your grant application will then show up.

SASSA Payment Dates for January 2023

Older Person’s Grant From 30 January 2023
Disability Grant  From 31 January 2023
All Other Sassa Grants From 01 February 2023

Payment Dates

  • You must remember that the bank has no fixed payment dates. While the bank has set grant payments dates for R350, the website does not indicate the exact date for each payment.
  • However, the apply indicates the date your grant will be paid.
  • Usually, your grant will be paid out after the 10th and 12th of the month. This date may differ from how your other social grants are paid out.
  • Sassa cannot pay your grant into another person’s banking account. Should you select the money transfer option via one of the major banks, please ensure that the mobile phone number on which you received the SMS is registered in your name.
  • They cannot pay your grant into a mobile phone number which is registered to another person.


For those who cannot check Sassa status online, we have specially arranged the article in a very easy way. Sassa status can be checked absolutely free, you can get the result just by using National ID card and mobile number. One thing to remember is that social grant report usually takes up to 90 days, in less time you can check the SASA status online. Those who have already applied for the grant before 90 days, now visit the official website and check the desired report. Again in less than 90 days, the authorities make the grant results available on the website, you can check if you want.

In Conclusion

Enjoy this post of ours with pleasure hope you can definitely benefit. If you have any feedback about Sassa Status Check you can let us know and we will surely reply you soon. If you like the article, don’t forget to share it so others can see it. Visit our website regularly to get more such latest updates daily.

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