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Check visa status of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries online by enjazit.com.sa. For the convenience of all interested persons, we will discuss about Visa Check Online through this article, follow if you want to know. People from many countries have applied to the government of Saudi Arabia for visa, now people are checking the visa online using the passport number, whether it is displayed. So this article is published for people of all countries, to check Saudi Arabia visa by passport number online very easily.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most Muslim countries in the world, millions of people from all over the world come to perform Hajj. According to Saudi Arabian law, no one can enter without a visa to enter their country. The authorities have made visa arrangements in a very simple manner that any person can apply and get the visa. Those who have applied for the Already visa and are interested in checking online can now check the status online. The authorities have provided a very easy check method by enjazit.com.sa, the visa can be checked with the passport number without any hassle.

Authorities have allowed to check visa through their official website already we have presented through this article knowing all the instructions and rules you can check visa online. You can not check visa of all countries of the world online through this article. We have already said that only Saudi Arabia visa can be checked online. However, if you have come to check visa online then you are at the right place enjazit.com.sa can safely check visa by passport number online.

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Visa is very important to enter from one country to another, must apply and get approval. We have kept only online method you can check Saudi Arabia visa very easily with passport number. The Government of Saudi Arabia issues visas to any individual who is eligible to receive a visa. Mostly people from all over the world are interested in the country of Saudi Arabia, for performing Hajj and traveling as well as for business and work. However, below are the links to the website to check the visa and know the rules now.

Check Saudi visa status with passport number

  • Visit the site ‘https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/VisaPerson/GetApplicantData
  • If the page is in Arabic, click on ‘English’ from the three lines on the top left corner of your page.
  • Under ‘find applicant data’ start filling all the boxes starting with your passport number
  • Select your visa type from the drop-down list whether you want to check your work visa status, family visit visa, umrah, hajj, educational or diplomatic visa, etc.
  • In ‘Current Nationality’ select the country you belong to from the drop-down list
  • Now for ‘Visa Issuing Authority’ select the city of the embassy you were issued your visa. You can ask about this from your travel agent as well.
  • Finally, enter the Captcha code and click on ‘Search’

You can check your visa online in an official way only by using your passport number. No one can check visa status online without passport number. So we want to tell you that all the instructions and discussions that we have discussed must be followed well and check the visa online in the same way then it will be displayed in front of you online very soon. Various reports have already revealed that millions of people have applied for Saudi Arabia visa online and now they are checking the visa online by visiting the official website of the authorities.

Many types of visa status can be checked online on the website link given here. Check the status of your desired visa online by visiting the direct link above. Moreover, you can directly enter the official website by mobile or computer browser and check visa online using the passport number. We have collected all these updated news from various reports and provided updates through this article.

There are more people who don’t know about how to check subject status online through online. If they follow this article, they will definitely be able to check visa online status of different countries quickly. If you enter via https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/ you may see the Arabic language site displayed, in that case select the English version from the sidebar. However without delay visit the official website to check your desired visa online now.

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