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Saudi Arabia visa can be checked online by this website only passport number is required. Today how to check visa status online by this website will be discussed now follow the article if you are interested to know. People from different countries have applied for visa online now they are interested to check how to check online. For everyone’s convenience we have published this article very easily check visa status by using passport number.

To check the visa online, you need to know the rules first. If you know the instructions, then directly open any mobile or computer browser, enter the official website and check the visa very easily using the passport number. And those who do not know the rules and regulations of visa check, they can now know the guide and enter the official website to check the visa status of your desired Saudi Arabia. is a popular website to check visa online for Saudi Arabia and other countries.

All those who have come to check visa online are in the right place by knowing the rules and regulations given on our website, you can check visa status online. In the manual, if any person wants to get a Saudi Arabia visa, they have to apply online and if they get approval, then you can find out through online, moreover, they will inform you by mail.

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We will not only go into the topic of application, we will discuss the complete topic of online visa check so that you can check visa with passport number. The website we have given the link to check visa online can only check the visa of Saudi Arabia and there are different websites for checking the visa status of other countries.

However, it is already seen that people from all over the world have applied for Saudi Arabia visa online and are now more interested in checking their visa status. You cannot check visa online through any website other than This is important article so check the topic status carefully by knowing the rules. And if you face any difficulty in checking the visa online with the passport number, then you can contact the authorities, there is a contact form on their official website. See below Visa Check Online Status Method.

How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status Online

  • Visit the website –
  • Scroll down on the website until you reach the inquiry section.
  • In the box named “searching for,” select “Application submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”
  • Enter your application number.
  • Enter your “residence number” or “national identity number” in the box named “Record Number.” This will be your Iqama number.
  • Enter the image icon that is randomly generated.
  • Click on “Inquire”

As always, we have collected and presented all the important updates about Visa from the official website so you will get the original updates. Saudi Arabia Government issues visa to eligible people only if you are eligible then don’t worry authorities will approve and display your visa online. It is basically the authorities who know about all these activities. However, you can definitely check the visa status online through the website link that we have provided above.

Saudi Arabia visa can be checked without server down by the mentioned website. Moreover, if you want to check the visa of other countries of the world, you have to enter other websites, moreover, you cannot check the visa status online in any way. There are other articles on our website about this, you can visit it right now. People from all over the world apply for Hajj, business, travel and worker visas mainly in Saudi Arabia. The authorities regulate the visa process through, Visit quickly.

If anyone has any special opinion about this article then you can let us know you will surely get a quick reply. And if you like this post then don’t forget to share it so that others can also benefit from it. You can visit our website regularly to get more such updated news. We always publish various articles for the benefit of any person and people enjoy.

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