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Are you interested in checking e-passport online? Then this article is useful for you because here are the complete new rules to check e-passport status follow the post. Authorities have officially launched e-passport checking system, you can know in two ways online & SMS system.

Who applied for new passport or passport renewal? Know how to check e-passport and know current status of passport. Generally after online application for passport it is displayed within 7 to 30 days again, emergency can also be done within just three days. Those who have applied for Already Passport, only they can check the e-passport status through the official website.

We have presented all the methods of e-passport status check for everyone’s convenience, you can quickly check the status of your desired passport at home in just 5 minutes. Of course, first of all you need to have internet connection on your mobile or computer to check the e-passport. Then visit the official website to check. Those who are not familiar with e-passport status check website follow this post we have provided the link here.

Online passport status check

All e-passport matters are controlled by the authorities through https://www.epassport.gov.bd/. To apply for e-passport you have to apply through this website. Currently, there is the facility of internet, all activities of passport are being continued at home. Right in 2023, millions of people from all over the world are applying for passports online. Actually nowadays passport is important for every citizen because passport is required to go from one country to another country. No person can legally enter from one country to another without a passport.

www.epassport.gov.bd check online

Usually people make passports to go to different countries for travel, medical, business and other purposes. Officially, the authorities have been providing facilities to all the citizens, the system of checking e-passport status online has been introduced since long ago. This post will help those who don’t know about it or don’t know how to check online. However, are you a candidate for a new passport or passport renewal application? You are in the right place and you can easily check the passport status by knowing the complete rules.

Passport check online

Online registration through https://www.epassport.gov.bd/ will get fully official e-passport. Basically the main reason to check online is to know whether it is ready yet. Now passport authorities are always trying to work well for all individuals. Passports are being delivered to individuals very quickly by the Department of Immigration and Passports. We saw several years ago people were manually applying for passports in queues. Now all those days of hardship are gone now e-passport is being generated online at home through the application. Be sure to follow the instructions below to check your e-passport online.

Check your passport status

  • First visit the E-Passport online website: https://epassport.gov.bd/
  • Now provide the Application ID given above on the left side and right side of the passport delivery slip in the manner shown in the picture.
  • Enter the correct date of birth (day / month / year) in the Select Date of Birth option.
  • Click on captcha ie I am Human option.
  • Finally, when the tick mark comes, click on the Check button below and the passport will be checked.


Every person knows how important passport is. One cannot travel legally from one country to another without a passport. The website links we have provided on our website, Not applicable for all countries only can check e-passport online.  Different countries have different website to check passport online, you can visit google to know about them. Moreover, if you apply for a passport officially, you can find out through the office. Now the website is constantly visited by people from different countries to check current passport online. You can easily do all activities related to passport through this site.

E‑Passport Online Portal

You can check your e-passport status very easily with the email and password you used to create your account while applying for e-passport. Another option is SMS method to know only with delivery slip. If you still don’t understand then we will give the SMS method information above. All these updates are available from the Directorate of Passport and Immigration, from where we have presented this article, so there is no chance of you getting cheated. The Department of Passports and Immigration has always been functioning properly, benefiting millions of people.

Conclusion Speech

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