Movement Pass Police Gov BD Registration 2022

The application has started a few days ago Bangladesh Police Movement Pass Online Application 2022. According to the Bangladesh Police Headquarters, all the citizens of the country can easily collect the pass by providing some information through this website Bangladesh Police is launching Movement Pass 2022 to prevent the movement of people in lockdown to prevent coronavirus and to ensure special emergency. The Government of Bangladesh has passed the Movement Pass Act for the movement of emergency services till July, 2022. Bangladesh Police has launched a special app to give ‘Movement Pass’ in 14 classes. On the first day, the people of Bangladesh have given movement passes to 10,000 applicants. After applying for the movement pass, Bangladesh Police will give a pass with online QR code scanner after verification.

Bangladesh Police Movement Pass 2022

Bangladesh Police has arranged traffic passes for people who have to go out in lockdown. Movement pass 2022 will be given for medicines, medical work, relief distribution, shopping in grocery stores, raw market, agriculture, transportation and supply of goods, business and others. If anyone goes out during the lockdown, the Bangladesh Police will take strict action if there is a public gathering. Bangladesh Police has always warned that no one can go out of the house without more need. Bangladesh Police has introduced Movement Pass 2022 application system for how to get out with permission if it is very necessary for someone to go out during lockdown. Benazir Ahmed said that if a patient has to go to the hospital by ambulance, he has to apply for a movement pass.

Movement Pass Police Gov BD apk Download

Today we will discuss Movement Pass Application Police Govt BD. When a citizen of Bangladesh pass the movement, he has to download apk. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh, you must first apply to pass the movement. Easily take a look at all the information given on this website by Movement Govt BD. Currently, due to the Corona situation, the lockdown is going on in Bangladesh. For this, the government of Bangladesh has made an application procedure through the police administration. Apply easily. Bangladesh Police Movement has introduced pass law for all citizens to apply now by visiting their website. Everybody should use Mask and be aware to move outside all the citizens constantly.

How To Online Apply Movement Pass Police Gov BD

This pass can be collected by visiting

  • at first visit:
  • then click “Apply For movement pass”
  • Then provide you mobile number
  • Provide information where you want to go
  • and last step upload your recent photo

Bangladesh Police Movement Pass Apply 2022

 Why Need Movement Pass?

Currently lockdown is going on in Bangladesh. Under the new law, it is not possible to move from one place to another. A few days ago, a government directive was issued to restrict anyone from leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. The number of coronavirus cases has increased in Bangladesh in recent times. Now the Bangladesh Police is saying that the government will implement a strict lockdown in the country. This time the government will take strict steps to implement the instructions given and under it no one will be allowed to go out of the house without a movement pass. Benazir says she may have to leave for limited reasons. They have to take a movement pass. Even if you go out, you must return home quickly.

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Movement Pass Police gov BD Registration 2022

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In Conclusion

If someone has to move outside, they have to apply for a movement pass. Those who want to go out for work need to apply for Movement Pass and collect the pass. Bangladesh is no exception due to coronavirus lockdown going on all over the world. But people must not go out of the house in case of emergency. You need to make sure that your family is not infected with Corona because of you. We should follow the hygiene rules with utmost sincerity, wear proper mask when going out, wash our hands frequently with soapy water or sanitizer and maintain social distance.

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