Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday, Officially announcing the winning numbers immediately, we collect the information from there and make it available on our website so you can get instant information. Many visitors looking for Mega Millions winning numbers? We have presented the post for the convenience of those who are searching online to get help.

Also, to know about Mega Millions winning numbers, you can go to Google and get updated news from different websites. Here’s Mega Millions Jackpot $483 Million Hit: March 5 Winning Numbers Numbers Revealed Check Now Distribution Already Updated According to the Mega Millions website, the Mega Millions lottery jackpot was an estimated $820 million with a  $418.3 million cash option for Friday night’s drawing.

Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Today Tuesday 5 March 2024, we are ready to update Mega Millions winning numbers, winning numbers will be given as soon as official announcement. Till that moment all the players have to wait as the winner list is published after the draw takes place. Did you know that each Mega Millions line costs $2, to play you must choose six numbers from two separate number pools. However, we will not divert the discussion, we will continue to try to convince you of the main topic. On March 5, 2024 at 11:00 PM ET, you’ll have a chance to win $483 million with a $476 million cash option in Mega Millions. This news is officially collected and provided here so follow with importance.

Latest Winning Numbers

All the latest and last Tuesday and Friday mega millions result history 2024 if interested to find all the information will be provided on our website so any visitor will get the correct correct news. We regularly publish such news that you can visit our website from any part of the world and find the Mega Millions winning numbers instantly. Because for everyone’s convenience the post is neatly arranged so that anyone can see the winning numbers without harassment. Try all the ways we have shown you to get the Mega Millions winning numbers every Tuesday and Friday very quickly. Also the draw is live, you can check the winning numbers from there as well.

Mega Millions Winning Numbers for Tuesday 5 March 2024

Here are the Mega Millions winning numbers for Tuesday, March 5, 2024


  • 15 – 33 – 37 – 55 – 61 and Megaball 24
  • Megaplier was 4x

The update given above is available from absolutely authentic sources, make sure to check the latest winning numbers. Check out regular reports on major United States lotteries if you like, or visit the official website to collect today’s Mega Millions numbers 2024. Mega Millions is one of the two largest jackpot games in America, and has a match 5 prize of $5 million. – Mega Millions

As Mega Millions winning numbers are updated on our website, any visitor can get help from this article. Because more people don’t know about how to find Mega Millions winning numbers online that’s why we have highlighted the important updates. You can choose your lucky numbers yourself, there are no special rules to check. Just follow to get Mega Millions winning numbers. If you want to know Mega Millions Result March 2024 or any other day update then you have to visit other website because we have given today’s update only. In that case 5 March 2024 Mega Millions result will be known from our website correctly. Follow above now latest winning numbers are given for you.

Mega Millions Past Winning Numbers

Draw Date Winning Numbers Mega Ball
01/19/2024 1 – 9 – 16 – 17 – 30 17
01/16/2024 2 – 10 – 42 – 49 – 54 13
01/12/2024 19 – 34 – 35 – 45 – 67 7
01/09/2024 12 – 15 – 32 – 33 – 53 24
01/05/2024 5 – 23 – 26 – 38 – 44 25
01/02/2024 3 – 18 – 27 – 29 – 64 1
Megaplier Estimated Jackpot Jackpot Winners
2 $236 Million Roll
2 $208 Million Roll
3 $187 Million Roll
3 $165 Million Roll
3 $140 Million Roll
2 $114 Million Roll

What was biggest Mega Millions jackpot?

  1. $1.537 billion, Oct. 23, 2018: Won in South Carolina
  2. $1.348 billion, Jan. 13, 2023: Won in Maine
  3. $1.337 billion: July 29, 2022: Illinois
  4. $1.05 billion, Jan. 22, 2021: Won in Michigan
  5. $656 million, March 30, 2012: Three winners in Illinois, Kansas, Maryland 
  6. $648 million, Dec. 17, 2013: Two winners in California, Georgia
  7. $543 million, July 24, 2018: Won in California
  8. $536 million, July 8, 20116: Won in Indiana
  9. $533 million: March 30, 2018: Won in New Jersey 
  10. $522 million: June 7, 2019: Won in California

Mega Millions Numbers

Did you know five white balls are drawn from a set of balls numbered 1 to 70, you win if the numbers in a row on your ticket match the number of balls drawn on that date, there are 9 ways to win a prize from $2 to the jackpot. Here are not tips on how to play Mega Millions, you can check Mega Millions winning numbers for today 5 March 2024 at Mega Millions can be bought online from anywhere in the world, here is the official Mega Millions online system. If you want to know better about the mentioned subject, you have to visit the official website.

Final Words

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