Medical Admission Syllabus 2024

Medical admission is supposed to be held by short syllabus but the matter is not clear. The authorities have officially announced that the admission test will be held on 1st April. To participate in the Medical Admission, you need to apply online. The online application will run from 28 February to 10 March 2024.

Only students in the science department of medical admission can participate. Millions of students have dreams about this admission test. For medical admission, you have to continue studying all the subjects to get the search. The authorities have already started all the activities.

Notice: Application has already started for Medical Admission, Minimum GPA 9:00 SSC / HSC Points are suitable for students. According to the authorities, admission test of 100 marks will be taken in combination with MCQ and written. Short syllabus is not acceptable in medical. All preparations have to be done after reading the original book.

Coronavirus affects students in the curriculum, which is why students are in a lot of trouble. There are thousands of students dreaming about this medical admission test, the authorities said to the students, there is no reason to worry, think of breaking all obstacles and finish the test very quickly, read the medical exam schedule and all the detailed studies on our website.

MBBS and BDS Admission Syllabus 2024 PDF

How to get Medical Admission Short Syllabus? Normally no short syllabus is required for admission to get a chance to study all the subjects. Different students are taking courses in many places for this medical admission and are preparing for the exam. As soon as the application process is over, the exam will be held and it will be finalized within the specified time.

Those who have passed HSC and equivalent examinations in HSC 2022-2023 will not be accepted outside of which they will be able to participate in the medical admission examination. Read all the instructions given in the mentioned MBBS Admission Circular. So we would like to inform you through this article about the details related to medical admission shirt syllabus.

The notice given by the MBBS authorities about the syllabus has already been uploaded on our website. You can get the correct idea by completing this article.

Chapter Wise Syllabus

Biology 1st Part syllabus

Biology 2nd Part syllabus

Chemistry 1st Part syllabus

Chemistry 2nd Part syllabus 

Physics 1st Part syllabus

Physics 2nd Part syllabus

English Syllabus

Due to the coronavirus, the HSC exams were held this year with group-based subjects, as the students had been taking classes for only a few months. After much deliberation, the Medical Admission Test was planned to be controlled by short syllabus but in the end it will not happen, all subjects will have to be read and examined.

The reality is that any student needs to work hard to be educated in higher education. Medical Admission is one of the most meritorious students. Dhaka Medical is one of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh. If you have qualifications, you can definitely get a chance. I will let you know if there is any update in the next short syllabus.

Last year, about 180,000 people took the medical admission test, but this year more students will be seen, according to official research. Our personal opinion gives the opportunity to 4,000 people selected through medical admission test. Visit Google now to find out more and if you have any comments about the syllabus let us know and we will try to help.

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