HSC Subject list and Subject Code

HSC subject list and Subject Code can be checked by students of arts/humanities, commerce, science group. The subject is very important for the students because they have to choose the subject to be admitted in HSC. As the meritorious students choose most of the good subjects, the main discussion is that you can collect the subject list from here. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is carrying out all the activities for the education of the students. We have presented all the instructions given by them.

It is often seen that students who do not know the subject code will be easily shown in today’s processing and will be given a list of subject codes that can be collected and used from here. It is necessary to know the subject code of the test. If it is wrong then the test may fail. It is very important for everyone to know the subject code of the subject.

Today the subject list of subject code will be fully discussed and hopefully SSC students will benefit. In order to get good results in HSC, you have to take regular classes and continue your studies as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education. See subject list and subject code below.

HSC Subject list & Subject Code

HSC Compulsory Subjects for All Groups in Bangladesh

Subject Name: Subject Code:
Bangla 1st Paper 101
Bangla 2nd Paper 102
English 1st Paper 107
English 2nd Paper 108
Information & Technology (ICT) 275

HSC Subject List and Code for Science

Higher Math – 265

Higher Math 2nd paper – 266

Chemistry – 176

Chemistry  2nd Paper – 177

Physics – 174

Physics 2nd Paper – 189

Sports 1st Paper – 158

Sports 2nd Paper – 159

Biology – 178

Biology 2nd Paper – 179

Statistics – 129

Statistics Paper – 130

Statistics 2nd Paper – 131

HSC Subject List and Code for Commerce

Accounting – 253

Accounting 2nd Paper – 254

Finance, Banking, and Insurance – 292

Finance, Banking, and Insurance 2nd Paper – 293

Economics – 109

Economy 2nd Paper – 110

Production Management and Marketing – 286

Production Management and Marketing 2nd Paper – 287

Business Organization and management – 277

Business Organization and Management 2nd Paper – 278

HSC Subject List and Code for humanities / Arts

History 1st Paper – 304

History 2nd Paper – 305

logic – 121

Logic 2nd Paper – 122

Sociology – 117

Sociology 2nd Paper – 118

Geography – 125

Geography 2nd Paper – 126

Social Work – 271

Social Work 2nd Paper – 272

Agricultural Education – 239

Agricultural Education – 240

Economy 1st Paper – 109

Economy 2nd Paper – 110

Islamic History and Culture 1st Paper – 267

Islamic History and Culture 2nd Paper – 268

Civics and Good Governance 1st Paper – 269

Civics and Good Governance 2nd Paper – 270

Final Worlds

We have already realized that students of all HSC groups will know the subject list and subject code. However, HSC XI and XII students will get the solution of all the issues for sure. Students of class 11, 12 science, commerce, humanities department get to know now.

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