Female Education Paragraph

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Female Education Paragraph 100, 300 & 500 Words

Answer: Female education means education of women. Female education in Bangladesh is not satisfactory at all. In the past, there was a tradition among the people that women would live in the boundary of their houses and they would do only household work. At that time, women were deprived of the light of education. Even they could not move freely and could not participate in any voluntary work on account of social prejudices. But now this idea has changed but their fate is not fully changed. Gradually, they are encouraged to study and admitted into schools, colleges, and universities. The government has taken a new step to make the primary and secondary education free for women. Yet, many people do not like to send their children to school, college and universities. Our women are lagging behind in education and consciousness.

The rate of literacy in our country is around 65.5% whereas female literacy is around 30%. An uneducated man is hardly better than a blind man. An educated mother can give us an educated nation. When we dream of an illiteracy-free society, we should think to educate all women first. A child will never remain illiterate if his/her mother is educated. An educated woman can also help her family economically. Though the government has made female education free up to class XII, something more must be done to make all the females educated in no time.

Some of the programs made for the improvement of women are given below:

  • 1. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
  • 2. Child Prosperity Scheme
  • 3. Indira Mahila Yojana
  • 4. Women’s Prosperity Scheme
  • 5. Employment and Income Generation Training-cum-Production Center
  • 6. National Women’s Fund
  • 7. Short Stay Home for Women and Girls
  • 8. Program for development of women and children in rural areas.

Problems affecting women education

  • (A) weakening
  • (B) malnutrition
  • (C) Sexual Harrassment and Abuse
  • (D) Low socio-economic status
  • (E) infection
  • (F) For uncontrolled reproduction
  • (G) limited education

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