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Draw results 2024 available for South Africa Daily Lotto. Everyone follow this article to find the winning number very easily it can definitely be useful for you. Every day lotto results are out, thousands of visitors search online so we published this article, here you will find the list of winners. Also, you can follow various websites on Google to know about it. We have provided all the updates here so you don’t need to go anywhere else, find today Saturday 16 March 2024 daily lotto draw result. Latest daily lotto results will be published after the draw on March 2024.

Daily Lotto Results National Lottery South Africa

Officially, the authorities announce the draw results for the South African Daily Lotto. Have you picked the winning numbers for tonight’s jackpot? So find out, there will be no problem checking out anything nicely presented here. It is actually a South African lottery game that can be played every night except Christmas Day. Daily Lotto is a popular lotto in South Africa. The SA Daily Lotto takes place every night at 9:00 pm SAST. You can easily get lottery tickets from nearby lotto outlets. Lottery sales close at 8:30pm every night. According to expected sales, jackpots are estimated daily, and 50% of sales are allocated to the prize pool.

Daily Lotto Results Saturday, 16 March 2024

To find all the winning numbers, check the South Africa Daily Lotto Results below, the draw will take place at 9:00 pm SAST. There are many people who don’t know about how to get daily lotto results online, if they follow this article they will get all distribution very quickly. Because daily lotto results update news is provided here for the benefit of all individuals. However if you are a daily lotto results searcher then you are in the right place, you can check the result very easily by knowing the rules. The result will be displayed here by www.checkresultbd.com, so that you can know whether you have won the prize or not. You must match at least two numbers to get a prize.

How to Check Daily Lotto Results?

  • Visit the website of the lotto game you played. Most lotteries have a dedicated website where they post the latest winning numbers.
  • Look for the “Results” section on the website. This is usually located on the homepage or in the main menu.
  • Find the latest draw date and click on it to see the winning numbers. The winning numbers may be displayed in a table or in a video of the draw.
  • Check your numbers against the winning numbers to see if you’ve won a prize.
  • If you have won a prize, follow the instructions on the website to claim your prize.

The latest Daily Lotto results are out, following the draw on (Saturday) 16 March 2024

Here are the Draw Results & Payouts for (16/3/24)

#DAILYLOTTO: 0, 00, 00, 00, 00.

Congratulations to all the #winners!

We try our best to publish accurate results, please always check official winning numbers from National Lottery website.

Daily Lotto Results 2024 for Yesterday South Africa

To check daily lotto results for yesterday, visit here. You will find all South Africa daily lotto results history for 2024. You will also see daily lotto payouts for the lucky winners.

Daily Lotto Winners February 2024

Daily Lotto Draw Date Type Winning Numbers
1791 2024-02-07 Daily Lotto 19, 11, 10, 32, 07
1790 2024-02-06 Daily Lotto 18, 32, 33, 21, 08
1789 2024-02-05 Daily Lotto 12, 03, 14, 28, 10
1788 2024-02-04 Daily Lotto 01, 18, 23, 11, 02
1787 2024-02-03 Daily Lotto 05, 08, 22, 33, 36
1786 2024-02-02 Daily Lotto 11, 13, 20, 33, 16
1785 2024-02-01 Daily Lotto 28, 10, 35, 18, 34

Daily Lotto Results History 2024

You can check the history of daily million results with confidence, more information can be found in this article. Find today, 16 March 2024 latest winning numbers, bonus numbers and prizes distributions have already been given. We have collected all past draw result updates officially and presented in this post so know the history without doubt. This archive lists all daily lotto results for 2024 See the winning numbers for each draw held that year and visit another article to see a date to see more. Are you looking for daily lotto result history? All previous lotto results are listed here. Previous Daily Lotto Results 2024 Update. Get all results of National Lotto Results here.

Draw Information

Draw Number 1455
Total Winners 2,853,654
Total Prize Pool R 1,425,177.70
Draw Machine RNG2

How much does a Daily Lotto ticket cost?

A single DAILY LOTTO game will cost you R3.00 vat incl.

But be aware: If you use any of the online services, there might be an additional charge. Always check the terms and conditions.

Final Words

Visitors, we have presented as many updates as possible about the result through this post, if you are interested, check the result. And of course if you like this post then don’t forget to share it so others can also see Daily Lotto Result 2024. However, if you have any comments or questions, you can let us know and we will try to reply to your comments as soon as possible. Every day such articles are regularly published on our website you can enjoy by visiting daily. 

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