The Sweaty Path: Becoming a PE Teacher in Bangladesh

Memories of elementary school PE may involve dodgeball games, being picked last for teams, and running laps. But today’s physical education teachers do much more than just roll out balls and blow whistles. They play a key role in promoting healthy lifestyles, building character, and fostering a love of movement among students.

In Bangladesh, demand for qualified PE teachers is increasing as health officials work to combat high rates of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. With low percentages of Bangladeshi children and adults meeting WHO physical activity recommendations, the country requires energetic educators who can get people moving. If you’re passionate about fitness and want to improve the health of future generations, consider a career as a PE teacher.

Educational Requirements: No Pain, No B.Ed.

To become a PE teacher in Bangladesh, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in physical education or a related subject. Coursework typically includes exercise science, health education, nutrition, and teaching methods. Practicum experiences provide valuable hands-on classroom practice. After graduating, you’ll need to pass exams and obtain a teaching license from the National Curriculum and Textbook Board.

Once licensed, you can apply for open positions at primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Pay varies widely, but high school PE teachers average around 20,000 BDT per month.

Some PE teachers pursue additional certificates or diplomas in fitness training, sports coaching or wellness to expand their skill sets. This can open doors to jobs at gyms, studios, camps and recreation centers. Even Mushfiqur Rahim started from training at his class before becoming a world-class athlete, loved by fans and who bettors depend their wagers on. If you want to place a bet on this remarkable player or a national team, choose from a list of trusted bookmakers here:

Pumping Up PE Programs

Once you land a PE teaching job, you’ll do far more than just roll out balls for kickball. You’ll craft engaging lesson plans, incorporate technology like heart rate monitors, and find ways to make fitness fun. Building students’ skills, confidence, and knowledge around physical activity is key.

You might start middle schoolers on a lifetime love of running by training them for a 5K. Or you could spark a passion for soccer by teaching dribbling skills and organizing intramural tournaments. Some creative PE teachers even incorporate academic subjects into active lessons by having students spell vocabulary words with exercise movements.

Side Hustles: Become a Fitness Pro

If the idea of spending every weekday in a school gym leaves you yawning, don’t settle into teaching just yet. Consider exploring alternative PE career options, like becoming a fitness professional at a rec center, yoga studio or health club.

With the obesity epidemic in Bangladesh, fitness centers are sprouting up everywhere, especially in cities. Everything from Zumba to CrossFit to Bollywood dance studios are eager to hire qualified instructors. And you won’t need to go back to school—just earn certification from the Bangladesh Sports and Fitness Association.

The flexible schedules and freedom of running your own classes may be just the energetic career you need. And who knows? You may end up opening your own studio and becoming Bangladesh’s next fitness mogul.  

Conclusion: Let the Games Begin

From primary schoolyards to professional playing fields, PE teachers possess the enviable ability to transform exercise into play and bring joy into movement. For energetic, sports-loving individuals seeking a rewarding vocation centered around health and wellbeing, it’s a superb career choice.

While PE has a reputation as a blowoff class, skilled and inspiring teachers turn it into so much more. If you’re up for the challenge of motivating today’s screen-obsessed youth to discover the joy and benefits of fitness, a PE teaching career in Bangladesh could be a great way to make an impact. Just be ready to teach by example by staying on your own health and fitness game!

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