Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC Examination

Extremely valuable paragraph for English subject because ten marks are added to the test. In order to study, one must know all the subjects and keep knowledge. This is the job of the students. All the paragraphs have been updated on the website. Classes 8, 10, 12 will be useful for all students and can be downloaded. Every school-college English book in Bangladesh has the same content in each chapter. Students will be able to collect and use it for reading and writing. It is often seen that when it is time for an exam, one searches for a paragraph online and at any time it will find useful articles without any doubt. will help you find any paragraph in a moment. Proceed to read about JSC, SSC, HSC New Year English subject with paragraph name and related details.

Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC Examination

Are you a JSC, SSC, HSC candidate? If you are in the right place, you will find all the paragraphs here. Each year the chapters play a major role in the students’ English subject paragraph exams. If you can memorize from here, there is a possibility of getting number 10. All students need to know the rules of paragraph writing. Here you have to write in the way that we understand then you can get the right idea and mark.

If students can use this time in their school-college life, they can be expected to improve in the future. The paragraph basically maintains the balance of the English subject according to the mental vision of each teacher. In order to prepare for the exam, one must evaluate each subject and finish the study well. However today’s paragraph we have arranged on the website will benefit all students. The rate of education is increasing day by day. The students are moving towards improvement. This is the highest endeavor. Read the paragraph below:

A Winter Morning

A winter morning is a time when it falls cold and gets biting cold. This morning is very beneficial to the protection and preservation of man’s health. The mists gather in drops upon the leaves of trees or the blades of grass. They look like pearls as they glitter in the rays of the morning sun. A winter morning is sometimes heinous to the poor, as they have nothing to wear for protecting biting cold. Winter morning is a curse for old and poor people and they are obedient to bask in the sun in this morning. A winter morning presents us different sights of including basking, getting sunlight to warm body and what not. Village children hardly have warm clothes. So they make fire with straw, sit around and enjoy the heat. Apart from this, a winter morning presents us sweet, juice of the date, fresh vegetables and fresh natural foods. People who have morning work get up early in the morning, as they are interested to enjoy morning best on the bed in the lap of warm cloths and wrapper. Really the diversity that we observe in the winter morning sometimes stirs us or sometimes elates us.

A Farmer/ The life of a farmer

A farmer is a man who leads his family by working hard in the agricultural farms or cultivating lands. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. So farmers are the backbone of the country. He is most common figure in our country. Basically he is the main force of economy. He is called the father of food production. But they are devaluated. Without his role our country cannot go ahead. The farmers live in the village. Some farmers have their own lands. But some others are landless. They cultivate the land of others. They have to work hard from morning till night even in sun and rain to earn their livelihood. He works in the field all day long and procedures different kinds of crops. The economic condition of a farmer is miserable. Although he works hard, he does not get enough crops to eat. He lives a very low-standard life. He lives in the thatched houses. When a farmer produces good harvest, he enjoys a happy life with his family .His face beams with joy. But when he cannot produce good harvest, he enjoys a miserable life He has to starve sometimes. He even cannot get minimum medical care. Due to his illiteracy, he suffers from various diseases. The joys of a farmer know no bound when he gets bumpers crops. To enlighten him with the modern ideas. Adult education programme for the illiterate farmers can be introduced in the Radio and television.

A Railway Station

A railway station is place where trains stop for the passengers to get into and get off from the train. It is a busy place. It becomes very busy because of the arrival of trains. Here the passengers are found to stand in a queue to collect their tickets in front of the ticket counter. A big station is always crowded with passengers, hawkers, and posters. There are bookstalls, book-sellers and waiting rooms in such a stations. Vendors shout their trade cries. When a train reaches at the station, the passengers hurry to get off from the train. At the same time passengers waiting for the train want to get into the train. As a result, a collision of two groups of passengers takes place. The whistling sound of the departing train creates a situation of vacuum in the minds of the passengers. When the train leaves the station, it becomes deserted and buzzing sound of the passengers ends. A railway station is often a den for the anti-social elements. It is a suitable place for the beggars to carry on their trade. It is an unhygienic place too. The authority should look into it.

A Garment Worker

Persons working in a garments factory are garments workers. An ordinary garments worker in our country leads very laborious life. His/her day starts very early in the morning and ends at about 10 p.m. She/he starts for working place at about 7 am. She/he is to pass a long way everyday to reach the factory. She/he goes to the factory on foot. Sometimes on the way to the destination, she /he is teased with slang words from various corners. He/she is to tolerate all bad comments. In the factory, he/she works in a congested room. There is no seat to sit upon. She eats the poor lunch with her colleagues in the factory. Almost everyday he/she takes his/her lunch from home. She is given a break for half an hour. Within this time she cannot take lunch from her house. She works in the factory for long hours till deep at night. She likes working in a factory rather than in a household. She is used to do over working. Though he/she gets very poor salary, she/he expends it very wisely. She/he leads very simple life. In a word, a major portion of national income depends upon his/her hard work. So he/she should have better opportunities in the factory and society to led better life.

Dowry system

Dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her husband when they get married .Now a days the system of giving and taking dowry in marriage is more prevalent in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh this is seen to be major problem. In the Bangladeshi society this system is treated as a serious problem. Wife is inhumanly tortured and killed by her husband for dowry. Most of the parents are poor. They cannot keep up their word they give before marrying off their daughters. This leads to chaos and hellish unhappiness. However, the first thing to be done to stop this malpractice is to grow awareness among all. Movement against dowry system should declare right now. We cannot get ride of this social vice by taking social reformative works urgently.

Arsenic pollution

Arsenic pollution means arsenic contaminated water. Of late arsenic pollution has become one of the most health hazards in Bangladesh. By drinking arsenic water ,people get the disease. Arsenic is a fatal poison. It has been deposited in that layer of the soil from here our tube-wells pump out water. As a result in most areas of Bangladesh tube-well water in contaminated with arsenic. Arsenic pollution has made the scarcity of drinking water acute though our country is water-rich. The irony of fate is that “water, water everywhere nor a drop to drink.” It is a hard nut to crack. Our ignorant people are drinking arsenic polluted water from tube wells and are human being affected by arsenicosis. Those who do not eat fish and vegetables are easily affected. Arsenic is such a poison that is damages all the vital organs ore after another resulting in the subsequent death o the sufferer. Arsenicosis has no remedy nor has it any antidote. Hence arsenic pollution demands utmost attention. An affected person should drink arsenic free water and take vitamins A,C,E to come round. Arsenic polluted water has been ter5med as the killing water. There has been world wide awareness of this problem. Aids from different corners are reaching. Deep tube wells rainwater, reservoirs, surface water treatment, etc may be the pragmatic measures to minimize the problem to a great extent.

A Street Hawker

A man who sells various things by moving from street to street is a street hawker. He is a self-employed person. He is the familiar figure in the cities and towns. He raises a strange outcry to draw the attention of his customers .He wears a peculiar dress of different colours. He tries to attract the attention of the customers by using different tricks. He carries his goods either in bundles or in a basket. Sometimes he walks about with his goods on a wheeled platform. His customers are usually children and women. As they credulous they agree to pay whatever price he demands. So He does not like elderly men. He usually sells toys. Cosmetics, ready-made garments, daily necessaries, utensils and balloons of various colors and shapes. Children gather round him and woman hail him. He is a clever man. He goes out his moving shop when the elderly people are out on duty or business. He demands higher price for his things but he sells his things at a cheaper rate. However he is an expected person for some people. Although he works hard, his life is miserable. All most all the time he leads a subhuman life.

A day labourer

A day labourer is a person who works all day long for earning his living. He is a common figure in our society. He and his family depend on his daily income. A day labourer gets up early in the morning and goes out for work depending only on his manual labour. He does different types of jobs such as carrying bricks,wood, stones, mud and digging pons constructing of roads, buildings etc.He builds our buildings, industries, bridges and thus he serves our country. Though he works all day long, his income condition is miserable. If he can not earn a day his family is to starve.He feels happy when he earns the needful amount but becomes sad when he finds no work to do or gets physically ill.

A Farmer/The life of a farmer

A farmer is he whose profession is agriculture. He is most common figure in our country. Basically he is the main force of economy. He is called the father of food production. But they are devaluated. Without his role our country cannot go ahead. A farmer gets up early in the morning and then goes to the field to work. He works in the field all day long and procedures different kinds of crops. When a farmer produces good harvest , he enjoys a happy life with his family. His face beams with joy. But when he cannot produce good harvest, he enjoys a miserable life.

A Birthday Party

The day, in which a man is born, is celebrated as birthday to make it memorable. In our country rich people are seen to celebrate this day festively .In this day, the drawing room is beautifully decorated. Friends, relatives, well wishers are invited on this occasion. A special cake is ordered for celebrating this day. Besides, different kinds of delicious dishes are prepared. At the appointed time the invited guests begin to come and are welcomed by the person for which the day is being celebrated. At the appointed time the time the person concerned merrily cuts the cake. A round of applause follows. Plates full of delicious food items are then handed round. Everybody falls to with a good deal of zest. The eating is accompanied by a lot of taking and giggling. Camera is clicked on. After the meal, jokes may be made. Then the presents given by the invited guests may be unpacked one by one. And the person concerned expresses his or her gratitude to the guests. And the party may be rounded off with a chorus “ Happy birthday to you”.

A Fisherman

The man who catches fish to live is a fisherman. Generally a fisherman lives in a village near a river or a sea. He is hard working and painstaking. He uses nets and boats in fishing. Some fishermen have nets but no boats. Some who have boats and nets employ the boat less ones and work in a group. A fisherman is always at work. While at home he repairs his boats or nets and he paints his boats or dyes his nets. He catches fish in the seas, rivers, and beels. His women-folk make new nets; his children dry fishes in the sun and sell them in the market. He works hard all day and night. The life of a fisherman is very risky and challenging because there may have storms and cyclones at any time. Some fishermen go to fish at night; some go to fish in the deep water or in the sea from home for many days. When he catches a lot of fish,his joy knows no bounds. After all a fisherman does much good to us by supplying fishes.In spite of being hard working he can hardly make both ends meet. Government should take some steps for the development of minimum standard of their livelihood.

A Teacher

A man or woman, who teaches the students in any educational institutions, is called a teacher.A teacher is a person who teaches his or her students and discovers their hidden treasures. He is a window opener for his students. A teacher opens up a new vast knowledge for them. A good teacher is a friend, philosopher and a guide to the students. He does everything to the students. He nurses the young minds as carefully as the gardener handles the saplings. The importance of his service knows no bounds .He teaches his students the methods of living because a good teacher knows the modern method of teaching.

The International Mother Language Day

The international mother language day is a day, which is observed internally. It is related to the mother language of the world. As a result of the proposition of Bangladesh government, the day was recognized by UNESCO. From then the day came into existence. People generally pass the day by way of attending the seminar on the day. They paid a wreath in the Shaheed Minar . At that time everybody is barefooted.They go there with a procession. People who takes part in the procession are singing a chorus “ Amar Bhiar Rokte Ranghano Ekushey February, Ami ki Bhulite pari”. The day has a great significance for us. Because on that day of 1952, our Golden sons laid down their valuable lives for the recognisation of our mother tongue. As a Bangalee, I am proud of the day. Because the day got recognition internationally and it is now observed all over the world.

A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night in which the full noon shines in its entire glory in the sky is called a moonlit night.In the autumn the sky remains cloudless and the moon looks like a big silver disc in the sky. The moon’s rays reflecting on seas, rivrs, ponds and hills create a music spell.The smooth rays of the moon please our eyes and mind.The natural beauty of a moonlit night can better be realized than described. People feel great joy. Children play and run about. Men and women go from one house to another. Women sit in the yard and gossip.Lower animals take the moonlit for day and start roaming about.The moonlit night reminds us the mystery of creation of Allah. We can evaluate the moonlit night as offering a charming sight to all living beings.

A School Library

A library is a storehouse of knowledge. Library satisfies our eternal knowledge of the unknown and the unseen. A library plays an important role in the realm of knowledge. A library is a part and parcel of a school. No school is complete without library. Our school has a big library. It is housed in two separate two-storied building. The library has a good collection. There are many almirahs. The books are arranged in different shelves according to the subjects. The reading room and the office room of the librarian are separate. The librarian has some assistants. There is a big reading room. The reading room is well furnished. When we take the help of a catalogue, the assistants at once find the book and help us. We are issued library cards. We can borrow books after two weeks. In the reading room we can read as many as books as we like. Silence is must here. Nobody is allowed to make noise. I am proud of my school library.

A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop where tea and other things are sold for the passers-by. It is a common place to all classes of people. It is usually found at the turn of the road, bus stands, railway stations, Bazer or even beside an office where the common people are available. It opens early in the morning and closes at late night. Biscuits, bread, banas, betal leaf and different kinds of handmade snacks are available there. A tea stall is furnished with some benches and tables. A boy is employed in a tea stall to serve the people. People who come to a tea stall usually do not leave it immediately after taking a cup of tea. People refresh themselves with a cup of tea in a tea stall. A tea stall is also a place where social disputes are settled. They mainly talk about politics and current affairs. This is why it is called a Mini Sangsad. Intact, tea stall is now –a-days an important place of social gathering and at the same time a place of charm for the common people. So a tea stall occupies an important place in our day-to-day life.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is a situation in where vehicles cannot move freely and traffic comes to a standstill. It occurs almost all the district towns where a lot of vehicles play everyday. Especially it occurs near bus stand, railway crossing, turn of a road, at the junction of various roads or near a market. It occurs mainly in the morning and afternoon on working days when everyday body tries to attend office in short time or returns home as early as possible. The indiscriminate playing of vehicles like rickshaws, bus, scroters etc and haphazard parking of vehicles and small shops in the footpaths are the main reason of traffic jam. Traffic jam causes untold sufferings to people. Students cannot reach schools in time. It kills our time and lessons our working hours. It causes great sufferings to the ambulance carrying dying patients and the fire brigade vehicles. The increasing of traffic jam hampers our economy. So well spacious roads should be constructed. One-way movement of vehicles should be introduced. The driver should be trained in order to cope with the other developed nations. After doing all these things we can hope to have a good traffic system for our easy and comfortable movement.

Baishakhi Mela

A Mela is an occasional event. Baishakhi Mela is a fair held every year in the month of Baishakh amid great festivity and merriment. Baishakhi Mela is the reflection of the true picture of Bangladesh. It is a part and parcel of Bengalee culture. Baishakhi Mela is such a celebration when the people of our country become together to welcome their culture without being drowned in the illusion of western culture. Bangladeshi having the taste of rich culture and tradition. The largest Baisahaki Mela of the country is held at Ramana Batamul. People of all ages-poor and rich, children and adults, men and women, illiterate and educated of our country participate in this Mela putting on traditional dresses and enjoy the best of it according to their area of interest. Peoples are gathered with carrying festoons, play cards Banners etc. It upraises the traditions and national heritage with assemblage of delicate woven clothes, potters, top, handicrafts, needle work and so on. One of the most attractive events is a lottery. It attracts the people of all ages. Huge numbers of people are seen in the lottery stalls. Bangladeshi foods are sold in small shopkeepers. Some shopkeepers sell artificial goods of our daily uses. Little boys and girls cry and make noise for their toys. Young, old and children visit the stall and buy different things with utmost enthusiasm. A cultural programmed is held in the Mela. A lot of singers sing Bengali traditional songs like Jari, Shari, Bhatiali,folk song.People also come to these functions with spontaneity and enthusiasm. In addition to these, people enjoy circus, merry go round and Jatra as special attractions. Such Melas go on all through the month and witness huge rush in the evening time and holidays.There fore, Baishakhi Mela is considered the most significant medium of expressing our sincerity to our culture, heritage and tradition and increase our fraternity.

A Village Doctor

A person who treats the poor villagers is a village doctor. He is a familiar and prominent figure in the village. A village doctor gives treatment to the village patients He has a great demand in the village. He is generally a quack. He does not know much about medicine. He works with a qualified doctor for a few years and receives training under him. Then he sets up a dispensary in his own village. He opens his dispensary early in the morning. He examines the patients in his own dispensary and supplies them with medicine. He stands by the villagers in times of danger. He goes out on a visit on private calls. He is an important man in the village. He has got a high position in the rural society as he pays the villagers a helpful service at any time. He is locally respected much. He treats his patients with a nominal fee from the patients. He does not mind if any one does not pay him .He is somewhat responsible for the health condition of the villagers. Therefore, he should be trained more practically by the government for the better treatment of the villagers.

The Green Hosue Effect

Green house effect means gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere. If the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere continues to increase at the present rate then the green house effect rises in the earth. The global warming is caused by the accumulation of certain gases, the carbon di-oxide, CFC Methane and Nitric Acid around the world. The presence of these gases to a large degree is making the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere thinner day by day. At this, the ultra violet ray of the sun can easily penetrate the atmosphere of the earth. The increasing numbers of engine vehicles are increasing Carbon di oxide gas, which is making hole in the Ozone Layer. There will be a dramatic change in the climate and topography of the earth. This will reduce our ability to grow food and severely damage wild life, raise sea levels and thereby submerge the costal areas. There will be drought through out the world. Many creatures will be on the verge of extinction. Modern science is helping us to keep peace with congenial atmosphere. We must follow the guidelines to create better environment and save life on this beautiful planet.

Exam strategy

Exam strategy means examination skill. When examination approaches, students begin to plan because 50% chances of success rely on examination skill rather than subject knowledge. A student should check and double-check the examination schedule and he should also check what he is allowed or not allowed to take in with him the day before exam. Budgeting time and avoiding elaborate answers unnecessary are also part of our exam strategies after getting the questions paper, he should read it carefully. It is better to read through the whole question paper before starting to write. It is again useful to spend time at least five minutes each question thinking about and planning answers. At first glance the questions may seem difficult, but it becomes gradually easier. A student should attempt all the questions to get good marks. It is also useful to underline the key words in the questions to help the examiner to know what he is required to do. He should also check back to make sure whether he is writing what he should write. He should always remember that his handwriting should be clear and legible. If one follows the exam tips on the exam day, he or she wins his or her chances of success.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever is a kind of fatal disease caused by the biting of Aedes mosquitoes. It was first detected in Bangladesh in 1966. It is a virus-infested disease. There are four stereotypes of dengue virus, such as DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, DEN-4.DEN-2 and DEN-3 are more serious. Dengue is one of the prime re-emerging diseases of Bangladesh. Aedes mosquitoes carry the virus of dengue fever. It breeds in small pots, jars, dumps and discarded plastic containers and tyros. There are two types of dengue fever. There are classical dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever is fatal and it causes death with bleeding. Dengue virus is originated from Africa. Now it is epidemic in most tropical countries of Asia like India, Myanmar, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. It transmits the virus when it sucks human blood. Its symptoms on patient become clear in four to six days. Aedes mosquitoes breeds stagnant but clear water of various pots. It lives on blood and aedes female mosquitoes cannot breed without blood. There is no antidote of dengue virus. With an apprehension of severe outbreak of dengue fever, people can be made aware of dengue. It will be easier to prevent the disease.

A visit to a palace of historical interest.

Man is not satisfied with what he has seen and known. A visit to a place of historical interest is really interesting and attractive. Dhaka is a place of historical interest. If the visit takes place on any place of historical importance, it becomes really an enjoyable one with educative value. During the last summer vacation I, along with some of my friends, decided to go to savar to see the National Memorial. Accordingly we fixed a date and started our journey from Gabtali to savar at 10 p.m. by bus. We reached savar, near National Memorial just after 45 minute. Actually the National Memorial at savar is the symbol of the nation’s respect for the martyrs of the war of liberation. It contains the history of our independence. It is built with concrete, but made of blood. It stands 150 feet tall, but every marty it stands for stands so much taller. There is actually a series of 7 towers that rise by stages to a height of 150 feet. The foundation was laid on the first anniversary of the victory day. Reaching there we felt a great respect to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their valuable lives for us. We took some snaps taking the view of the memorial. However, we visited the place and the surrounding area for about an hour. The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters just close to the tower. However, we left the place paying our glowing tribute to the freedom fighters. Through this visit we experienced a lot.

A School Magazine

A school magazine is a kind of periodical publication, which contains the writings and contributions the students and the teachers in a school. Every school publishes a school magazine every year. At first, a committee is formed for publishing the magazine. Then the committee asks the learners and the teachers to send their writings. The editor then corrects the writings. They select the publishable writings. The school magazine is generally open to all teachers and famous person outside the school is allowed to write in it. It also contains messages from the headmaster, assistant headmaster and the chairman of the school managing committee. There are short stories, poems, essays, verses, jokes, riddles and other writings related to studies, sports and cultural activities of the school. It often contains album of photography. A school magazine can play a vital role in improving the young learner’s habit of reading and writing. It can develop the students’ interest in literature. It stimulates their imagination and develops their creative powers. It is a mirror of the school. It adds to the glory and honor of the school.

Your first day at school

The day a student goes to school for the first time is called first day at school. My first day at school is a memorable day for me. It is a red-letter day for me. When my parents declared the news of my schooling, I became very much excited and started leaping and dancing in great joy. Then the expected day came. I went to every member of our family and received blessings from all. I was in a very happy and cheerful mood. I went to school for the first time when I was only seven years old. My father took me to school for the first time. I was little nervous at the beginning. I remember it well. I was then a little boy. I was very interested in going to school with riding rickshaw accompanied by my father. First I met with Headmaster at school. My heart beat fast. But this smiling face and gentle words put me at ease. He asked me my name. I answered politely. The headmaster was very pleased with my response. When I was sent to class. My class teacher took me to the classroom and introduced to my classmates. I met with the teachers and students who behaved well with me. My classmates were very much friendly and soon they accepted me as one of their bosom friend. They received me very cordially and made friendship with me, within a short time. The school broke up at 2 pm. My father again came and took me home. I left the school with a cheerful mind. That day was very remarkable in my life.

Environment Pollution

All the ingredients that we have around us are jointly known as environment. Environment pollution implies the contamination of the surroundings. Any abnormal change of environment in chemical, physical and biological characteristics in environment is called environment pollution. Environment is the whole system of our existence. Our environment is becoming polluted everyday for several reasons. Human beings mainly pollute environment. Massive industrialization is an important cause of environment. Smoke from motor vehicles also pollutes environment. Serious environment pollution occurs in big cities because buses, trucks and cars play in the streets everyday and emit smoke. Mills and factories also pollute water. They throw their waste products into rivers and canals. By burning wood and melting pitch for road construction people make more smoke and pollute air. We use pesticide in our crop fields. It also pollutes our environment. Indiscriminate cutting of trees has also turned unbalanced environment. The ecological balance is being lost as a result of environment pollution. If we all desire to live a healthy and tranquillized life, we should make our environment clean and free from pollution. We should be all whole-heartedly in keeping our environment fit for habitation.


Internet is a computerized network of information. It is the greatest invention in the communication system. It is the worldwide network of computer. Its uses and functions are smooth, easy and rapid. A students who knows just the keys of computer, can communicate anywhere he wishes. Internet communication is now the latest communication in the world. A computer and a telephone connection are required to get an Internet connection. There are two types of Internet such as Dial up and Broad Band. Internet has great usefulness. To get appropriate information a person has to communicate in the appropriate address. One can also go to a search engine like Yahoo, Goggle for finding particular page or a piece of information. A search engine is a system through which you can search for information on Web pages containing that information. By using Internet students can go through several books from the libraries without going there. They can seek information regarding admission to different foreign universities. But it is a matter to sorrow that many people of Bangladesh do not have still access to Internet because it is still costly and not easily available.

My last day at school

Every student has to study in different institutions in different spheres of life. Accordingly I left my school for higher studies. Before leaving school, I want to recall some events concerning my school. My last day at school is a memorable day to me. The students of our school bade us farewell on this day. The hall room was nicely decorated. Separate arrangement was made for us to sit. Our respected teachers took their seat on this dais. One of our teachers called out our names. We went up the dais one by one and the students gave us flowers and the headmaster gave the copy of “YOU WILL WIN” By Shib Kahake. With the gift we took our seats. Students delivered their short speech and begged forgiveness for our misdeed if any. Our teachers gave us valuable advice. The function being over, we were entertained with refreshment. Then left the school compound. Standing on the road I looked back home with a heavy heart.

The Postman

The man who delivers letters, parcels, and money orders from door to door is a postman. A postman is very punctual and dutiful. The works of a postman begins in the morning. He wears a different dress and it is a khaki uniform. The postman carries across his shoulders a bag containing letters, parcels and money orders and other postal articles. He is very useful to the people and his work is very important and responsible. He goes from one house to another to deliver letters money orders and other postal articles to the proper addresses. A postman can make us both happy and unhappy. When he brings letters of good news, we become happy. He renders and great service to the society. He is such a great friend to us that everybody we expect his nock on the door. He behaves amiably with all. The economic condition of a postman is very miserable. Though he works very hard he gets a very small salary. With it, he cannot maintain his family decently. So he leads a miserable life. No doubt he serves the society as well as the country greatly in the field of postal communication. He should be given good salary so that he can leads a better life and service us well.

A Home I live in

A home is a place where a man lives with his near and dear ones. Everybody is closely related with all the things around it. My home is my heaven. Home is the place that I like the most. My home is a one storied building consisting of five rooms. It is situated under the shade of the trees. It stands in the midst of beauties of nature. The green trees also surround it. My home is not only airy but also well lighted. So, even in the midst of scorching heat it remains cools and comfortable. There is small flower garden in front of my home. I spend leisure hours there. My home faces the south. Open fresh gentle breeze is flowing through the open window of my home. After the toils of the day, I get exhausted and grow mad to get back home. My home is a sort of fascination to me. Staying away from home for few days I feel homesick. To me my home is really the sweetest place on the earth. I am proud of my sweet little home.

Tree plantation

Tree plantation means the process of planting trees .Now a days it has become a social movement in our country. Trees are a great boon to us. They are related with our life and well-being. The boons and benefits derived from them are too many to count. Trees provide us shelter, food, fruits, firewood, timber and oxygen. We get vitamins from fruits. They prevent soil erosion, air pollution and floods. They also effectively prevent the spread of the desert and landslides. They are essential to maintain ecological balance and preservation of fauna. We all should plant and grow more and more trees and protect them. Social forestry should be taken on a large scale and trees should be grown all around where in space. Trees add to the beauty and quality of our life and living. We have to plant trees in every bare space of land, the sea beaches, the low –lying areas, the road sides should be brought under deforestation. We cannot think our existence without trees. People should grow more and more trees to improve our adverse situation. The result of tree plantation will be positive for human being in every sphere of life.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is an important medium of communication and correspondence, which helps intercommunication with the people in the shortest possible time. The use of mobile phone is more convenient than telephone call. The man who sends the message will have to pay the bill but the receiver can respond to the message without any payment. Specilly businessmen and the serviceman are much benefited through the use of mobile phone. It is useful for the doctor, businessman and high officials. But it is also useful for the people who is shopping and supplying in valuable information in his house. Sometimes, the criminals are using this phone to maintain their society. By using the Mobile phone, the terrorists and criminals carry out their evil designs and commit crimes with much difficulty. In spite of this there is no better alternative to mobile phone .To make the latest civilization for communication and correspondence.

A Rainy Day

A rainy day is a day when it rains ceaselessly all day long during the rainy season. It is called a drizzling day. The sky is overcast with patches of black clouds and the sun remains hidden behind them. The weather is foul. The sun is not seen. Sometimes, gusty wind blows with rain. Rivers, canals and tanks swell up. Roads and paths get muddy and slippery. Water stands here and there. Normal life is disrupted due to heavy rain. One does not generally come out without compulsion. The common people cannot attend their respective places in time. If anybody wants to go outside, he has to take an umbrella with him. The poor and the day laborers do not like a rainy day. They cannot go out to earn their living. Their suffering know no bounds. They go on starving. A rainy day is most welcomed to the students, as they have no classes in the school. A rainy day brings joyous mood to the young boys of the same age and they are seen to bathe in rainwater with merriment. People pass the boy in listening to music, watching videocassettes, reading novels. Those who have imaginary bent of mind enjoy the beauty of nature being drenched in rains. The cloudy sky lets loose their emotions. A rainy day has good effect on the soil. It helps plants grow, flowers bloom and nature looks fresh and beautiful. However, a rainy day is welcomed after the baking heat of summer.

A Street Beggar

The man who begs alms in roads and streets is called street beggar. A street beggar is a familiar figure in our country. He is usually seen to beg standing by the roadside .He is a very poor man and lives on begging. Usually he is physically deformed and thus lives on others charity. He is seen always in rugged clothes and is dirty. He carries a bowl with him. Whenever a street beggar sees a passer-by, he begs alms by spreading the bowl towards the passer-by. If he gets any alms, he becomes happy and prays for the person who has given him alms. All the streets beggar have their own way of lie and mode of approaching for alms. He tries his best to draw the sympathy of the passers-by with his peculiar voice. He often recites from the holy Quran and tries to draw other’s attention. Sometimes he uses his tricks to earn more. He leads a very deplorable life. He lives from hands to mouth. He can not give good education to his children. He leads a life of sufferings and pains. He is born unsung, remain unsung and die unsung.We should mercy by giving alms to a street beggar who is unable to work and consequently fails to maintain himself or his family.

A School Library.

A library is a building or room where huge numbers of books of various kinds are kept for the readers who come to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Newspapers etc are kept for people to read, study or borrow. We have a large and spacious library in our school. It is well furnished having a lot of tables and benches to study. In our school library the books in our library are organized into categories of classes and then arranged alphabetically within this class. Each category is assigned its own special number within that numbers and every book in the category is assigned its own special number within that number range. The textbooks and reference books the students can make note sitting in the peaceful and quite atmosphere of the library. They can also take the reference book in their home being the member of the library. I think our school, library helps us a lot to acquire knowledge vastly and to broaden our outlook. So it is our duty to go to the library regularly.

A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night in which the full noon shines in its entire glory in the sky is called a moonlit night. It is really a night of dream and enjoyment. In the autumn the sky remains cloudless and the moon looks like a big silver disc in the sky. The silvery light of the moon floods the earth and the sky. The moon’s rays reflecting on seas, rivers, ponds and hills create a music spell. When the moon pours her light on the waves of water, it sparkles like a diamond. The smooth rays of the moon please our eyes and mind. The natural beauty of a moonlit night can better be realized than described. People feel great joy. Children play and run about. Men and women go from one house to another. Women can make their babies sleep singing the songs of stars and moon. Lower animals take the moonlit for day and start roaming about. It seems that the whole nature has taken a new form and everywhere is bright, bright and bright. A moonlit night spreads a feeling of joy in all objects of nature. In addition, we forget our animosity with others. We make a congregation and chat in different subjects with others. The moonlit night reminds us the mystery of creation of Allah. We can evaluate the moonlit night as offering a charming sight to all living beings.

May day /A Mournful Day

May day refers to a sad incident that took place in the month of May in 1886 in the American city of Chicago. May day means first May of the year, which is recognized as the international workers who laid down their lives for the interest of the workers in Chicago in May 1886. The history is that during those days the working people were suffering from over work. From the beginning of the industrial Revolution people in factories have worked very long, shifts lasting up to fourteen or even more hours a day. They could not protest for fear of losing job. However, they protested against the injustice done to them. And on May 3,1886 police fired into a protestant crowed in Chicago. The street of Chicago were smeared with the warm blood of workers. Many people were injured and one died. All the privilege workers enjoy to day such as a minimum wage, safety laws and eight-hours workday were the outcome of the sacrifices of the workers on May 3, 1886. These are the rights they have achieved by their struggle. This day reminds the working class people that the workers will continue to be exploited until they stand up and speak and speak out to gain much better working condition, better pay and standard of life. On this day the working classes of the world become united irrespective of castes, creeds and nationalities. This is the glory as well as sorrow. So black flags are flown atop the offices and black badges are worn by the workers to symbolize their heartfelt grie

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