Dakhil Short Syllabus 2023 PDF All Subject

দাখিল পরীক্ষার সংক্ষিপ্ত সিলেবাস

According to this year’s Dakhil and equivalent syllabus, the examination of 2023 will be held. Yesterday, Education Minister Dipu Moni confirmed the subject in the short syllabus submitted and further said that all subject examinations will be held in April. If you are a Dakhil student, you are in the right place. You can download the short syllabus through our website. All the topics are explained by the article. One of the most important syllabus of Madrasa Board of Education is very important because all the activities of entrance examination run continuously with nine education boards. It is a new announcement that classes will be held according to the syllabus of all the subjects studied in advance for the convenience of the students entering the 2023 academic year.

Have you come to download the 2023 dakhil syllabus? Then enter the official website of Madrasa Education Board now and you will be able to download the PDF from there. For your convenience, the 2023 syllabus of all subjects has been arranged here, you can download it if you want. With the release of dakhil short syllabus pdf from the Ministry of Education, there has been an exhibition on our website so that millions of students can download it. Now it has started taking short classes in the madrasa. All the students must be in regular classes for exam preparation.

Dakhil Short Syllabus 2023 Madrasah Board

The syllabus of the students is very important because in order to participate in the entrance examination of 2023, all the chapters have to be completed by the syllabus. There are nine education boards in Bangladesh, one of which is Madrasa. Madrasa Education Board officials are trying to cover all the activities as per the syllabus within the stipulated time, of course all the students have to study according to their advice. It is seen that every year there are 3 lakh students who get good results as in previous years and take exams according to the syllabus.

About 3 lakh students from all over Bangladesh are enrolled in the 2023 academic year syllabus for their special benefits. Although a short syllabus has been prepared, the examination of 100 marks will be held. There are still many days left for the examination in 2023. The Madrasa Board of Education will cover all the chapters so that the students can fully prepare. If you scroll here a little, you will get 2023 short syllabus pdf for you. If you click on the subject, it will be downloaded.


Dakhil New Short Syllabus 2023

The students of Madrasa Education Board have not been able to take classes properly this year, considering the coronavirus situation, the Ministry of Education has decided on the syllabus so that the students can cover all the subjects in a short time. The syllabus has been made by reducing the chapters of all the subjects. This is a great good news. Students must study regularly and proceed as per the advice of the Madrasa Board of Education.

The short syllabus of 2023 can be downloaded at home through the internet. We have a PDF download option for you from official. Of course, you will get the syllabus of all subjects. Education Minister Dipu Moni confirmed the subject of the syllabus and reduced the syllabus by 25% – 30%. This is one of the opportunities for preparation for the entrance examination.

All the information that the authorities of the Madrasa Education Board have given in the new announcement made on 12th April, I have realized here, of course you will get the correct idea. So we think 2023 short syllabus is very important. This year’s syllabus will be examined. There is no reason to worry that syllabus has been published.

Dakhil Short Syllabus 2023 PDF Download

We can say with certainty that students who have not yet found the 2023 syllabus will be able to download the PDF by this article. The students of Madrasa Board of Education were in a bit of trouble due to the corona virus. Below is the desired syllabus of the students. Download it.

download Syllabus pdf

Quran Majid and Tajvid

Hadith Sharif

Bangla 1st Paper

Bangla 2nd paper

English 1st Paper

English 2nd Paper


Arabic 1st Paper

Arabic 2nd Paper

Aqeedah and Fiqh

Islamic History


Tajvid Nasr and Najam (Mujabbid Division)

Tajvid (Hifzul Quran Division)


Urdu literature

Persian literature


Higher Math



Physical Education

Bangladesh and Global Studies


Home Science

Agriculture Studies

Career Studies

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Madrasa Board Dakhil Syllabus 2023

All the ongoing board activities are being carried out digitally and the students are benefiting from this and are getting the opportunity to take classes online. Following the publication of this syllabus, a new study is being conducted. The syllabus will play a very important role in all the madrasas. At present, the Ministry of Education has taken note of the fact that students do not want to study properly and has indicated that they will be covered very soon. The syllabus of Madrasa Board of Education 2023 is displayed here, the full article will get all the notices here.

The Madrasa Board is no less than the other Boards of Education. Every year, the students complete their studies and face the entrance test, and the students pass with good results. Continuing classes will be conducted from this year onwards. The Madrasa Board of Education always wants to take all necessary measures at the moment of emergency so that the students do not face any loss. In order to download the PDF short syllabus officially, you have to enter the website of the authorities. We have arranged this article from there and hopefully you will succeed from here as well.

New Dakhil Syllabus 2023 All Subjects

You know what The dakhil syllabus of the Madrasa Board of Education has not been re-published. According to this year’s short syllabus, the examination will be taken. Dipu Moni has confirmed this at an official function of the Ministry of Education. So download the short syllabus now in 2023 and continue studying because it will be held in April. From this year onwards, next year’s examination schedule and all educational activities have already been confirmed.

Many of you are looking for the dakhil short syllabus already seen online, no worries, we have given the PDF format of all the subjects above. The syllabus is basically made by reducing the sections of the subject to 25-30%. We have learned from multiple sources in the Ministry of Education. Many students do not know about this, of course you can collect all the information by following the notices.

With the release of the syllabus, millions of students are rejoicing because they will be able to participate in the entrance exams of 2023 in a very beautiful way. The Madrasa Education Board has consistently said that it is better to continue studying now. By doing regular classes, students will be able to finish all the chapters by the syllabus. In the meantime, all the activities of the madrasa are going on continuously, the Ministry of Education said. For those students who have not yet been able to download the 2023 Dakhil syllabus, collect our PDF from here and don’t have to go anywhere.

Conclusion Speech

We are happy to announce that students will be able to download the new syllabus from our website in PDF format. All students who are still looking for the syllabus or have not found it anywhere have the option to download it from here. If you like this article, be sure to share it so others can find out. Realize all the activities of the academic year 2023 stay with us regularly.

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